Keeping your windows clean is one of your priorities when it comes to the proper maintenance of your home. It serves not just a practical purpose but also an aesthetic one as it does a lot for your home’s appearance. So you want to keep it looking clean and sparkling as much as possible.

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Appearance might be the main concern for your outside windows and that’s understandable. But what about the inside panes? For sure, their look is not as important as the ones that are visible outside. However, you can’t deny that they’re equally important, particularly since they’re the most visible to you and your family indoors.

Now, what about when it comes to cleaning your windows? While it’s probably best to entrust the cleaning of your outside windows to professionals, you could likely handle the interior ones. It’s safer to clean the interior panes and there’s no need for too much equipment on your part.

The key is knowing the best ways to do it. To guarantee that you do window cleaning plano tx right, here’s your step-by-step guide to DIY interior window cleaning. Also included are tips on how to clean other glass fixtures inside your home.

Interior Windows

For your interior windows, you’ll only need to prepare a soft cloth as well as a commercial window cleaning solution. Use them to remove smudges and other marks found in the inside panes of your windows. You’ve probably heard of suggestions 

saying that old newspapers are great for cleaning your windows. Don’t use it as the low quality of the paper pulp as well as the transferable ink can only make things worse. Instead of cleaning and making your windows look great, it’ll likely make them look dirtier than before.

Glass Doors

Cleaning glass doors in your home isn’t much different from cleaning your inside windows. In fact, you’re going to need the exact same materials that you use for cleaning your interior panes. A soft cloth and a window cleaning solution are also what you’re going to need. Similar to your windows, you also have to remove the marks on the glass door completely.


Cleaning mirrors can sometimes be a little tricky for some. They can’t seem to get rid of the streaks on the surface of the mirrors, no matter how hard they try. How to remove those streaks? You’re going to need a soft and lint-free cloth and some commercial glass cleaner. Just wipe away carefully and thoroughly. For sure, you’d want to maintain your mirror’s shine. To do that, you’ll need a drop of alcohol on a soft cloth that you will then use to wipe the surface of your mirror.

Glass Shower Door

Make sure that your glass shower door is thoroughly cleaned using an ammonia-based glass cleaner and a soft piece of cloth. It should be enough to remove any marks or stains on your glass shower door. To ensure that you’re able to wipe away and remove the water before it dries on your shower door, you’ll have to keep a squeegee in reach so you can wipe away the water after you’ve showered.

Glass Fireplaces

You might have a gas fireplace or a wood-burning fireplace. In any case, your fireplace is bound to have glass. So if you have a gas fireplace, you’ll use warm water and a soft cloth to remove any build-up. A commercial cleaner is also an option but keep in mind not to use window cleaning chemicals. For a wood-burning fireplace, wash the glass using a mixture of fireplace ash and water while having a very hot fire to remove the residues.

This step-by-step guide to DIY interior window cleaning is aimed at helping you make the process easier. And added to it are other tips on how to clean other glass fixtures in your home, as you’re likely to include them in the cleaning process once you’re done with your interior window panes.