Your first impulse upon seeing your windows are dirty is to get them cleaned right away. That’s the natural reaction, given how important your windows are to the overall aesthetic value of your home. Simply put, your entire home doesn’t look good if your windows are dirty.

So you’ve made the discovery that your windows are dirty and you want them cleaned. Your next move is to decide whether to go and do it yourself or contact professionals to do the task for you. If you’re confident in your ability to do it and have done it before, you’re more likely to go DIY.

Several options are open to you if you’re going to do the cleaning yourself. The simplest is to simply get a window cleaner and a ladder to help you reach all the windows. Or, you could also use a pressure washer for the purpose. It seems like yet another simple and easy way to clean your windows.

After all, how hard would it be to pressure wash windows? All you need to do is to hook up your washer to the hose and then proceed with the task. It’s that easy to get the process started, right? 

But that’s not the case as you need to know a few things first before you even start using your pressure washer on your windows. Cleaning your windows is a process that you need and want to get right. So before you even pick up your pressure washer, look at the different factors to consider from window cleaning colleyville tx before you pressure wash your windows.


You need to check out your pressure washer’s spray tips before you even start. That’s because not all spray tips are equal or the same. It actually depends on the spray angles and flow rates of the tips. The various tips are used for different types of applications. For example, a spray tip that has zero degrees spray angle can etch the glass of your window or worse even break it.


It’s also important to know if you have the right chemicals for the job. Water is just not enough, not even if you were to use it with high pressure. Not having the proper chemicals means that you won’t be able to clean your windows properly. There’s a good chance that you’re only going to waste your time as well as your effort in doing so.


Just as important as having the right chemicals is having the right amount of power. Is your pressure washer powerful enough to provide the kind of cleaning that your windows require? This is important, particularly if your home has more than a single story. Your pressure washer should have enough power to reach the windows on those upper stories. But you also need to be sure that it’s not too powerful that it breaks your windows’ glass.


Last, but certainly not the least of the factors to consider before you pressure wash your windows, is to not forget to wear a PPE or personal protective equipment. It would be a mistake to think that you could get away with not wearing one. You’ll need it because a pressure washer is a powerful machine so you need to prioritize your safety when using them. Wearing a PPE is the best way to ensure that.